Terms and Conditions

Each customer will be visited in their home free of charge to meet their pet(s) and discuss any individual requirements. There will be no obligation at this point to take out any service that is offered by Mind Your Manor.

Dog walking shall be with a maximum of three dogs and dogs walked will always be from the same family

Your dog (or dogs) will never be let off their lead (extending leads can be used in safe areas)

Dog walks will be carried out in the surrounding area of dog’s normal home.

Dogs will not be walked during electrical storms.

Mind Your Manor staff shall not be personally liable for any injury caused by a client’s pet with the exception of a proven third party.

Mind Your Manor shall not be held responsible for any illness or injury to your pet or damage to your property unless it is proven we have been negligent in our duties.

24 hour’s notice will always be given by Mind Your Manor if we are unable to carry out a service on a specific day. This day’s service would then not be charged.

Clients must give 24 hour’s notice should they wish to cancel a service otherwise the service shall be charged as normal.

Dogs known to have any infection or illness cannot be walked due to risk of infection to other animals.

Mind Your Manor will give a minimum of four weeks’ notice should we need to close for vacation.

Payment in full is required at the time of booking

Prices quoted are for clients within a 5 mile radius of Stone, Staffordshire. An additional charge of £1 per mile will be added for clients outside of that area.

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